About us
Tradition of responsible business management

MultiCard d.o.o. is newly founded joint-venture, initiated by the leaders on Serbian IT marketin the field of services provided to the bank sector. Behind the name MultiCard d.o.o. there are well known: ASSECO SEE (ex Pexim CardInfo) and Algotech and their knowledge and experience guarantee success.


Aware of the needs of banks and their clients, and by the force of synergy, the founders of MultiCard d.o.o. are determined to offer new, attractive service to the Serbian bank market, in the spirit of successful partnership and mutual trust.

Reliability and quality of MultiCard service is guaranteed by the use of advanced technologies and strong cooperation with the partners who have exceptional reputation.

MultiCard will implement into its network well- proved solutions of world known leaders in ATM and related software market. For service reliability MultiCard predicted and arranged within its procedures 24x7 a professional service department which is responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance with guaranteed service uptime higher than 99,5% of time per year.

Renown producers:

  • TietoEnator
  • Wincor-Nixdorf

Software of the latest generation:

  • ProChip 2.2
  • ProCash 2.0

Security standards :

  • EMV certified (ADVT&TIP1)
  • PCI DSS compliant