step 1: contracting

Initial step in member banks approaching the MultiCard network is defining the business model details and signing standard contracts.

  • Member bank signs a contract with MultiCard
  • Member bank signs a contract with Partner bank

step 2: implementation

With minimum adjustments, implementation of the member bank in MultiCard is completed in a very short time and practically without any working engagement of the banks employees.

  • Member bank submits to its processor a Request for connecting with MultiCard
  • MultiCard and the processor of the future member bank set up the parameters, connect and adjust the reporting system to the needs of the member banks
step 3: providing service

After a successful acceptance test, service is set up on ATMs and the users are informed and invited to use MultiCard ATMs FREE OF COMMISSION through various advertising channels, on the ATM location and via various media.

The users of debit cards of the network member bank are enabled to withdraw cash on our ATMs FREE OF COMMISSION!

BECOME A MEMBER BANK OF MULTICARD SHARED ATM NETWORK:and without investment increase the pleasure of the existing and attract new clients.

MultiCard shared network includes banks having one of the two possible statuses: Partner and Member:


Partner bank REZERVED!provides cash for regular recharging of the ATM and signs a bilateral contract with the future member bank

Member bank OPEN!All other issues are the responsibility of MultiCard ONE NETWORK/ONE PARTNER

Each bank can become a member of MultiCard, regardless of its acquiring processor (member banks keep their processors and operating procedures)

Long tradition of MultiCard founders responsible business management in providing services to bank sector in Serbia, as well as in the region, is a guarantee of service reliability and fair business dealing. Still, the greatest attractiveness of MultiCards offer, beside the obvious advantage to bank clients, is enormous saving which is the greatest benefit for the bank. According to this model, bank budget would be unloaded, not only from ATM purchase, but also from high costs of installment, maintenance, cash deposits, space rent and other necessary conditions for setting up its own ATM network.